WhatsApp on your Computer?

Did you know that WhatsApp can run on your computer ?


Click on the three little dots on the right hand side of your Whatsapp screen and select WhatsApp Web.

Whatsapp screen 2

Now go to your browser on your PC and enter web.whatsapp.com .

A QR Code will appear on your browser screen and the following will be the screen on your phone.

Whatsapp screen

Hold your phone over the QR code with the phones camera capturing the QR code. You will now be able to use WhatsApp on your PC.

Make sure that you add the WhatsApp tab in your browser to your favorites so that it is easily accessible.

It is as easy as that !!! Go try it. It is very handy.

We do not always post just about property to rent. As an example we also posted 5 Easy ways to increase profits in your business and where to find affordable business space.

We hope that you found this little bit of info very helpful.

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