Criteria for Selecting Rental Premises


Defining criteria (see link below) for finding and renting business space should be key to your business plan and strategy. Without having a set of criteria to measure you future business location against can be a costly experience. Trying to rectify a mistake after you have moved into specific premises can be extremely detrimental for your business. You may find yourself in a long term lease agreement and it is difficult to get out of those.

You may be part of a franchise group where they may have their own set of criteria. Defining your own set of criteria, in addition to the franchisor, may help you to make the correct choices and avoid costly mistakes.

A set of criteria provides you with a checklist that can be used to ask the right type of questions prior to deciding on a specific premise. This checklist can then be used to compare the feasibility of various properties with one another and to make your choice based on this comparison. It is wise not to neglect on this. Fall in love with the criteria and not the property.

A set of criteria (see link below) provides an objective view on the various properties that you may be viewing as a potential location. Call it your objective assistant in making a decision.

Finding the correct and ideal location for your business can be a cumbersome experience.  Utilizing a checklist can eliminate various properties without spending too much time on them. Focus on the properties with the most potential that largely meets your set of criteria which will save you a lot of time.

A set of criteria have been compiled with a checklist at which is free to use. Use it as many times as you like and receive a free report on every property that you have investigated.

You can use this effectively at the following:

Shops to rent in Pretoria

Warehouse to Rent in Centurion : Pretoria

Office To Rent in Pretoria East

Shops to Rent in Silverton : Pretoria

Shop to Rent in Pretoria-East



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