Shop To Rent In Silverton : Pretoria

The Nethold Group has a re-developed shopping centre in Silverton Pretoria. The centre is ideally located to capitalize on traffic from the CBD of Pretoria and is the only shopping centre from the CBD to where most traffic is diverted to Mamelodi.

Various sizes shops is available from  50 m² to 245 m². These shops are ideal for fast food outlets, laundromats, vehicle battery maintenance, pawn shops, spares shops, grocery stores, hardware stores etc.

The centre has a 24/7 KFC drive-thru which has become a landmark in Silverton.

The centre is surrounded by flats, townhouses, houses and various businesses which provide traffic during the day as well as the night. The centre is further located on the very busy Pretoria Rd which provides high visibility.

These shops to rent in Silverton is very affordable compared to other shops to rent in Pretoria.

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How To Start a Business

Having a shop to rent is one thing. Making the business work is quite another. Many prospective entrepreneurs start a business with  a business idea and with much enthusiasm just to be disappointed a few months down the line. This is primarily because they have not followed a tried and tested process to starting a business. It is internationally recognized that 20% of businesses fail within year 1 and 50% of businesses fail by year 5. These are shocking statistics leaving many an entrepreneur in serious debt.

The good news is that this can be avoided by following a tried and tested process. We recommend that you do the How to Start a Business Course by Entrepreneur Training Courses. Click on the image below for more information on this fantastic course.

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To Rent In Pretoria

Shops To Rent In Pretoria

Your location for a shop to rent in Pretoria is vital for your business. We offer prime retail shops that is complemented by a well-defined tenant mix. Many of our tenants are national brands which are complimented by local businesses. Our shops to rent are extremely affordable which allows for viable businesses. A viable business provides a healthy tenant and a healthy tenant is good for our retail shopping centres.  We have various options with regards to shops to rent in Pretoria.

Offices To Rent In Pretoria

We have various office type premises in our portfolio. Many of the offices may not be strictly offices but can also be used for specialized retail. These premises can be used for gyms, medical facilities, estate agencies, admin, training, outdoor etc.  Many of these premises are combined with retail which provide high exposure opportunities. This office to rent in Pretoria are mainly in community centres and is there to serve a specific purpose in the community where community based services can be provided.

Light Industrial / Warehouse To Rent In Pretoria

We offer Light Industrial premises which can be used for warehousing, mini factories, distribution centres, assembly plants, food processing, automotive, meat processing etc. These premises are located within an industrial park which has a very high feet count that naturally attracts potential customers in this space.  The premises are zoned light industrial which allows for a wide variety of tenants that can occupy this warehouse to rent in Pretoria.

Pretoria, Gauteng

Pretoria is also known as the Jacaranda City. Pretoria is a vibrant city with surrounding suburbs including Pierre van Ryneveld, Silverton, Centurion and Hennopspark where we have various shops, offices and light industrial to rent. Population in Pretoria exceeds one million people and allows for many business opportunities for the entrepreneur.  Our focus is mainly on the convenience market and therefor our shops to rent is aimed at this market.

Pretoria has ample opportunities for businesses to operate and attract clients in these markets.

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We do not always post just about property to rent. As an example we also posted 5 Easy ways to increase profits in your business and where to find affordable business space.

We hope that you found this little bit of info very helpful.

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Expenses and Bottom-Line Pressure ?

Are you under expenses and bottom-line pressure ?

Well, it may be time to relocate your business where you can get lower rental rates and exposure on a busy road. These premises are ideal for gyms, security companies, specialized retail, brokerages, estate agents, health and beauty, occupational health and safety, training, medical, specialized shop etc.

Make use of this special offer. CLICK HERE to make use of this offer. We have limited business space available for rent with this offer in Pretoria.

Business Space ad2
Business Space / Office To Rent In Pretoria

Criteria for Selecting Rental Premises


Defining criteria (see link below) for finding and renting business space should be key to your business plan and strategy. Without having a set of criteria to measure you future business location against can be a costly experience. Trying to rectify a mistake after you have moved into specific premises can be extremely detrimental for your business. You may find yourself in a long term lease agreement and it is difficult to get out of those.

You may be part of a franchise group where they may have their own set of criteria. Defining your own set of criteria, in addition to the franchisor, may help you to make the correct choices and avoid costly mistakes.

A set of criteria provides you with a checklist that can be used to ask the right type of questions prior to deciding on a specific premise. This checklist can then be used to compare the feasibility of various properties with one another and to make your choice based on this comparison. It is wise not to neglect on this. Fall in love with the criteria and not the property.

A set of criteria (see link below) provides an objective view on the various properties that you may be viewing as a potential location. Call it your objective assistant in making a decision.

Finding the correct and ideal location for your business can be a cumbersome experience.  Utilizing a checklist can eliminate various properties without spending too much time on them. Focus on the properties with the most potential that largely meets your set of criteria which will save you a lot of time.

A set of criteria have been compiled with a checklist at which is free to use. Use it as many times as you like and receive a free report on every property that you have investigated.

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